The VBB is organized in the German Federal Association of Regional Rail Transport Authorities BAG-SPNV, the European umbrella association EMTA (European Metropolitan Transport Authorities) and the International Association of Public Transport UITP.



The BAG-SPNV - Federal Association of Regional Rail Transport Authorities - is the umbrella organization for buyers of regional rail transport services in Germany and represents their interests in politics, public transport companies and associations. The common goal is to improve the quality of public transport in their area of influence and to gain more passengers by implementing good operational concepts.
The BAG-SPNV organizes exchanges of information between the members, develops concepts for the progression of regional rail, and advises the Federal Government, the Federal States, municipal associations, parliaments and authorities on all aspects of rail transport. Members of the BAG-SPNV are 26 regional rail transport authorities, which order nearly 641 million train-km per year for more than 6.8 billion euros at currently 69 rail transport companies (as of 2011).
The VBB is a founding member of the BAG-SPNV and represented in the presidium.



BAG-SPNV Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Aufgabenträger des SPNV



The EMTA - European Metropolitan Transport Authority - is an European network of public transport authorities, which aims to improve sustainable mobility management in the cities and regions and to strengthen the quality of public transport. Meanwhile 33 transport authorities, which are responsible for public transport in the major European metropolitan areas, are represented in the EMTA. Around 85 million people are living and working in these regions.
Since more than ten years the VBB is an active member in the EMTA. In 2009 the CEO of VBB, Hans-Werner Franz, was elected president.



EMTA European Metropolitan Transport Authorities



UITP - International Union of Public Transport - is an international network for public transport authorities and transport operators, policy makers, academic institutions and suppliers of industrial and service companies. The UITP provides a platform for global collaboration for economic development and knowledge sharing among its 3,400 members from 92 countries. It is the global advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility. Also it is a promoter of innovation in the industry.
Since more than ten years the VBB is an active member of the UITP.



UITP International Association of Public Transport

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