Public transport in Berlin during the World Games

There are many modes of public transport in Berlin. The main providers are Berliner Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVG) and S-Bahn Berlin.
BVG owns the subway/ underground (U-Bahn), tramways/ streetcars (Tram), buses (Bus) and ferries (Fähre). The S-Bahn Berlin is responsible for the tramwayurban rail (S-Bahn). The Verkehrs-Verbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) is responsible for a uniform ticket and for passenger information for the entire public transport system.

Public transport tickets

The entrance ticket for visitors and the accreditation is also a free ticket for public transport:

  • for all athletes during the whole Games
  • for all visitors with a ticket for sports competitions or celebrations

The ticket is valid in the tariff zone Berlin ABC (Berlin and surrounding area, for example Potsdam) on the day of the event until 3 a.m. of the following day.  
The VBB logo on the tickets and the accreditation indicates that you are allowed to travel for free.

Important notice:   

  • An international disabled pass is not valid as a ticket in the Berlin ABC fare zone during the Games.
  • There will be sports competitions and the festival at the Neptunbrunnen with free admission. If you want to go there as a visitor, you have to buy a ticket for public transport. You can do that at the ticket machine in the train station or in the app "VBB Bus&Bahn"

Elevator Outages

Unfortunately, it can happen that the elevators at the stations are defective and cannot be used. The Berlin S-Bahn and the BVG provide information about the elevator malfunctions on their websites.

S-Bahn Berlin


You can select barrier free access in the settings of our VBB apps. Then only routes with currently woking elevators are displayed. For example, in the Easy app.

Info phone

The Info-Center of the VBB is at your disposal for questions concerning the use of public transport.
The Info Center can be reached at  030-25 41 41 41.

VBB public transport guide service

People who need assistance can be accompanied on buses and trains free of charge (Berlin incl. BER airport). You can book it here:  030-34 64 9 940.

Rail and subway network map

On the Rail and subway network map you can find all event locations of the games. The yellow dots are at the stations near the event locations. So you know where to get off.

Guidance from the station to the venue

The Organizing Company of the Games has set up direction signs between the stations and the event venues. There are also signs in the stations near the event venues.
In the VBB easy app, the walking distance is shown. So you know how many minutes you need to walk.

Changes in public transport

Due to construction work and disruptions, public transport connections  change sometimes. Please inform yourself in the apps and on the internet sites! To play it safe, please allow more time for your trip through Berlin.

The BVG and the S-Bahn offer timetable information, line network maps and construction site information on their websites.

Are buses and trains on time?

At bus, underground and tramway stops, there are timetables with a QR code. You can scan the QR code with your cell phone camera or an app. Then you have to press a link and see if the next buses or streetcars are on time. If they are on time, there is a green + 0. If they are late, there is the number of minutes behind the red + for the delay. Sometimes they arrive too early. Then there is a red - with a number of minutes. In this case you have to hurry up. The drivers always try to be on time. But sometimes it is too difficult due to the traffic.