On this page we provide you with maps of VBB area for view and download.


There are two network maps available including regional train, S-Bahn and underground lines. The first one focuses on the inner city and zones AB while the second one also covers Potsdam and Schoenefeld airport within zones ABC.

When you are exploring the eastern boroughs such as Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain or even Marzahn, you will need a map of the tram and metro tram system, which is mainly running in former East Berlin. Trams with "M"-numbers are metro trams, which run more frequently (every 10 minutes) than normal trams (every 20-30 minutes).

If you are exploring Berlin's nightlife a map of  the night buses might be interesting for you. You will only see these buses with the "N"-numbers at night. They usually run along underground lines when the underground has stopped its service during the night.

For easy routing take a look at our VBB journey planner.

For those wishing to use the maps for commercial purposes

The network maps are copyright protected. Beyond the tight restrictions of German copyright law, you may not use them without written permission. You may not duplicate, translate, edit or correct them, or omit any part of them, without our explicit agreement. Should you have any questions concerning your right to use them, please contact karten@VBB.de.

The VBB also has a large range of printed maps for leisure activities: ideal for excursions in and around the region.
For the entire range of VBB leisure maps, you may look here (only in German).

We can also provide specific sections of maps:

  • the latest maps for Berlin and Brandenburg
  • including local public transport routes
  • with different scales
  • for print and online
  • well-priced

If you are interested, please contact our Information Centre: