AirportShuttle BER2

Express bus to and from the airport

There will be a direct express bus line to the airport with comfortable coaches – the AirportShuttle BER2 from Potsdam. This line will be subject to a surcharge under the VBB pricing system. The bus timetables are integrated into the VBB travel info. The bus offer greater comfort, have step-free access and provide plenty of space for luggage.



The BER2 bus line from the bus operator Anger travels between Potsdam Central station and the airport 16 times a day – timed so as not to clash with the RB22 trains. The full journey takes just under an hour, with special stops in Stahnsdorf und Teltow. The VBB pricing system also applies on this line, plus a surcharge of 6 EUR per journey – only 5 EUR for season ticket holders. A single journey therefore costs EUR 10.00 (Berlin BC + surcharge).

More information on the bus operator Anger.