Mobile ticketing in the VBB region

No waiting times, no loose change, always mobile – and therefore added convenience when buying tickets. Buy tickets the easy way with the VBB app!

VBB tickets can now be purchased directly using your mobile – from individual fares, to day tickets, to extension tickets (Anschlussfahrausweis) for season ticket holders. This is made possible by the integration of HandyTicket Deutschland. Simply buy your ticket – and you can start your journey on any mode of transport in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg!

To the registration process and the HandyTicket Deutschland customer portal

Alternatively, you can also register within the VBB app.

Get the VBB app from the store. It’s the key to mobile ticketing in the VBB region.



Buying tickets before travelling

HandyTicket Deutschland is integrated into the VBB app, allowing you to conveniently select and purchase tickets before travelling – e.g. on the way to the bus or train. You can also buy mobile tickets for fellow passengers, bikes or dogs. HandyTicket Deutschland may be used in the VBB region, as well as many more other regions of Germany.

Payment process

You can pay by direct debit, credit card or transfer to a prepaid account. A detailed list of all tickets purchased will be available for you here in the customer portal every month. Access the Registration page and HandyTicket Deutschland customer portal here.

How mobile ticketing works using the VBB app

  • Simply register with your name, address, payment process and cross-checking document: either while travelling via the VBB app or from home on
  • You will then receive your HandyTicket pin by SMS. This is needed to buy tickets or to log into the HandyTicket online customer portal.
  • Before starting your journey, select connection details in the VBB app, enter a starting point and destination, and display various routes.
  • Look for a connection and select “Buy VBB ticket” under the connection information.
  • Confirm your fare product and number of tickets – and you’re done.