School student ticket Berlin

School student tickets Berlin are issued for the Berlin AB fare zone to Berlin school students with school student ID card I (Berliner Schülerausweis I). School student tickets Berlin are personal non-transferable tickets. Taking a bike is included.

The Berlin AB school student ticket, issued as a VBB-fahrCard by the transport companies, has been free of charge since 2019. You can submit the application online to the BVG, S-Bahn Berlin GmbH or DB Regio AG. In order to receive the ticket on time for the start of school, the application must be submitted to the transport company by July 10th at the latest. A Berlin school student ID card I and a passport photo are required to apply, both must be uploaded when submitting the application. Pupils who live in Berlin but go to school in Brandenburg must also upload a registration certificate with a Berlin registration address. The subscription is automatically extended until you reach the age of 16. You must then prove that your school student status continues to exist annually by presenting a current school student ID card I. 

School student tickets for Berlin AB are valid until the age of 16 at the latest. The Berlin school student ticket will then be issued for a maximum of one year if it can be proven that you continue to attend a Berlin school by presenting a current Berlin school student ID card I.