About us

The VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg is the public transport authority covering the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg – the capital area of Germany. The VBB can trace back its roots as far as to the German Unification Contract in 1990. Feeling the necessity to reconnect Berlin to the surrounding Brandenburg and to create a high-quality public transport were the reasons for introducing the VBB as a common public transport authority.

The main tasks of VBB are the co-ordination of the services of around 40 public transport companies and their better connections, the introduction and development of a common fare system and the improvement and quality control of public transport services. Also the VBB assists the authorities in charge of public transport in planning, tendering and management of regional railway services.

The VBB stands for a customer-friendly integrated public transport service that handles the requirements of a metropolitan area like Berlin as well as it meets the interests of the rural communities in the countryside of Brandenburg.

Therefore the VBB is the co-ordinator, moderator and supplier of ideas for the executive bodies, public transportation operators and, ultimately, for the passengers in the region served by the association.

VBB is member of EMTA, European Metropolitan Transport Authorities, among others.