VBB-FlexTicket, fare zone Berlin AB

The VBB FlexTicket offers advantages for everyone without a subscription who travels two to three times per week with public transport in fare zone Berlin AB. On the one hand, this offer fills in the gap between trip-wise individual tickets and 24-hour tickets and, on the other, between monthly tickets and subscriptions.
VBB FlexTickets are available via BVG (Berlin Public Transport) apps as mobile tickets and in the DB (Deutsche Bahn) Navigator. The use of transfer tickets in fare zone A/C is not possible.


Pilot schemes are needed so that the new flexible products can first be tested withPilot schemes are needed so that the new flexible products can first be tested within a limited time period and area. The products must first be evaluated for economic viability and passenger acceptance before being included as permanent fare options.

Following the pilot phase and successful evaluation, expansion of the offer and/or the inclusion of other fare zones is to be considered based on the data collected during the pilot phase. The use of transfer tickets for trips to and from fare zone Berlin C shall not be possible during the pilot phase.

No. Using transfer tickets for trips to and from Berlin C is not possible during the pilot phase.

The VBB FlexTicket is an offer that applies to fare zone Berlin AB and particularly is intended for those who do not commute each day. For those who commute often, the subscription continues to be the best choice.

The VBB FlexTicket costs € 44,00 for eight 24-hour travel entitlements in fare zone Berlin AB, meaning that each individual 24-hour travel entitlement will cost you € 5.50.

With either a subscription or company ticket, you benefit from maximum flexibility, without having to think in advance about your actual number of days‘ use and the number of trips per month you must take without purchase/activation of your tickets. You just board whenever you wish and in some cases benefit from generous rules for how many belongings you can take with you. Subscriptions and company tickets remain the optimum product and highly attractive for the frequent commuter. The VBB FlexTicket is an additional option for moderate travel consumers.

From 1 January 2022. The offer runs until 31 December 2023.

The VBB FlexTicket will be issued as a mobile ticket for fare zone Berlin AB in BVG Apps  and DB Navigator . If you buy one, you will have eight travel entitlements, each for twenty-four hours, with the first travel entitlement applying immediately. You must then activate the remaining travel entitlements on the days of your choosing, each for twenty-four hours, within thirty days. Your VBB FlexTicket will be personalised. As identification, you will need to have an official photo I.D. with you.

The most convenient method to purchase VBB FlexTickets is via mobile ticketing. These tickets are automatically personalised, and you can always automatically see the quantity available. But VBB FlexTickets can also be obtained in physical form at BVG, S-Bahn and ViP service centres and in OVG buses. The purchaser then receives eight tokens. Issue of the tokens is personalised through indication of the purchaser‘s date of birth on each. Tokens remain valid for thirty days and can solely be used by the purchaser.  A photo I.D. is required for identification during trips. 

No, as they are personalised. With both mobile tickets and tokens, the user must upon request be able to identify themselves by means of a photo I.D. during their trip.

No, entitlement is limited to the purchaser. We refer you to Part B, Point 5.1.1 of the VBB Take-Along Regulations.

Your first travel entitlement is valid for immediate use within twenty-four hours of purchase. Thereafter, you must activate your remaining travel entitlements on the days of your choosing within thirty days; each is valid within twenty-four hours of activation for any trip within fare zone Berlin AB.

If tickets are purchased via the app, the first travel entitlement is automatically activated and is valid for twenty-four hours. With the physical variant, the relevant token must be cancelled prior to boarding. The remaining tickets remain available for activation/cancellation within thirty days of the moment of purchase.

The first portion of a VBB FlexTicket is valid as a mobile ticket upon purchase. Thirty-day validity commences upon purchase, whereby the moment of purchase is crucial. If a VBB FlexTicket is obtained at 16:00 hours on 15 January 2022, twenty-four-hour validity of the initial travel entitlement commences then. The remaining travel entitlements can be activated by 15:59 hours on 14 February 2022 at the latest. If the last travel entitlement is activated at 15:59 hours on 14 February 2022, it will continue to be valid for twenty-four hours, i.e., until 15:58 hours on 15 February 2022.

Why can’t travel entitlements be used for longer than thirty days?
Unused travel entitlements become invalid within thirty days. This offer is only possible if all eight travel entitlements are used within the validity term of thirty days.

Unused travel entitlements become invalid within thirty days. Refunds for unused travel entitlements are not possible. A carry-over or, resp., an extension of the time limit beyond thirty days is not possible.

Yes, a new set can be purchased prior to elapsing of the thirty days.